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What Our Clients Say



“The very first time we saw a Storybook Custom Home in the Chippewa Valley Parade of Homes, we were impressed with the design and excellent craftsmanship of their homes. Every year we attend the Parade of Homes and find that Storybook Custom Homes proudly and consistently maintains its superior level of performance.   


Building a new home can be an exciting and sometimes challenging process. Storybook Homes helps you achieve your dream house by listening to the home buyer, their vision, needs, budget and lifestyle!


They blend old fashioned commitment to character and craftsmanship with the latest in building materials, technology, and every efficiency. Their professionalism, work ethic and personal integrity are beyond reproach!  Christian works closely with a very talented and expert team of subcontractors and craftsmen that share his dedicated commitment to building homes that exceed the expectation of his customers! 


The Storybook Custom Homes crew pride themselves on perfectionism and will go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that you are ecstatic with their finished project!


We now have our dream home and in the process have developed a warm and loving relationship with the Gawin Family and the Storybook Crew!


We heartily endorse Storybook Custom Homes and their professional team! Their vision made our vision come true!”



David and Barbara Teslaw



“Patti and I just wanted to commend Christian and the rest of the Storybook team on the efforts, the craftsmanship, the care and the approach they took on building our home.  The attention to detail the team, Christian, Dan, Jesse, John, Chris and Joni, displayed hopefully was very evident as you went through our home.


While I have heard some stories about the pains of building a new house, the process with Storybook was painless and seamless.  While a contract was signed, no contract can be inclusive enough to layout every detail and expectation.  Not only did Christian and his team meet our every wish, many times they 

included things not even asked for.


In addition to the fine craftsmanship Storybook exhibited, his subs were also very accommodating and easy to work with.  I felt a little guilty about the number of times we “changed our mind” which required many of the subs to redo certain parts of the project…such as the flooring contractor having to rip out the some newly installed vinyl and replace it with tile!


But more important than craftsmanship, we have felt throughout the project that Christian and his team had very high moral values and along with that comes a very high level of trust.  A level of trust in which we knew they were making decisions to benefit us and not their time or bottom line.  They built this house with the same pride and care as if it were their own…what more can be said!


Thank you to the Storybook team for building us our dream home!”


Jon & Patti Hehli



Our family began the process of looking for a different home a couple of years ago.  We struggled to find the right fit in existing homes on the market.  After seeing the work of Storybook Custom Homes at multiple Parade events (both new and remodel) and listening to their raving fans (his clients and subcontractors), we decided to take a different path and build a new home.  Storybook Custom Homes was our #1 choice.  We cannot understate the praise we heard about Storybook Custom Homes - Christian Gawin and his team - from multiple clients and subcontractors.  This was a large factor for us in selecting them to build our dream home.


We contacted Christian last fall while we were in the process of looking at available land real estate.  The input he provided immediately confirmed all of the great things we had heard about his attention to detail and professionalism.  Better yet, it quickly became evident that the team of me and my wife had increased by one. Christian’s ability to ask the right questions, give feedback, and understand our vision really drove us forward in picking the right property and designing the 

right home to meet our needs.  


The design phase was a lot of fun!  Since Christian develops such great working relationship with his clients, they openly and proudly welcomed us into their homes to get first-hand views of items we may want to consider incorporating into our home.  Christian met regularly with us and took careful note of our homeowner needs, tastes and interests.  He provided ideas and pictures on a daily basis throughout the design process.  There are a lot of details in a house!  Christian not only brought everyone to our attention, but also shared some of his ideas on how to add an element of creativity and uniqueness to every detail to truly make our home a custom fit.  It was exciting to see the design of our dream home 

come together on paper!    


The build phase was surprisingly way above our expectations.  We had heavy work and travel schedules at the time and were concerned this home build project was going to be a very stressful and time consuming event.  The Storybook team alleviated any concern and exceeded our high expectations from start to finish.  The entire Storybook team was flexible, professional, positive, and clearly valued Safety, Quality, and Productivity.  The subcontractors were no different.  Surprising to us at the time, was the great involvement of Christian’s family in the whole design and build process.  Looking back now and knowing Christian better, it should have been no surprise – he truly runs a family business.  For the second time in our process, our “team” increased in size.  Having a team we could trust to look out for our best interests and knowing that Christian was so engrained in our vision and making it a reality took the stress away.  We never worried one time about how things were being built or how our vision was coming together.    


Now with the build phase behind us, our anticipation and excitement of moving into our new home is growing!  Reflecting on the past few months really leaves us with a great feeling.  We can summarize the whole process by saying we ended up with a home that took our vision to the next level, a home that stayed on budget and time, a home that we know is built at the highest quality level, and new friends in Christian, his family, and team.  


We are the latest additions to Storybook Custom Homes’ group of raving fans!


Scott and Lavonne Biederman 



"Dear Christian and Storybook Team,

We would like to sincerely thank you for your special attention on our beautiful home.  You guys have gone above and beyond to make sure that our house is amazing.  We are truly grateful for you all and everything you do!"

- Dr J & E K



"Dear Christian and Team,

I wanted to thank you for taking on my condo remodel project.  I cannot say enough good things about every member of your team.  The quality of the work is so outstanding and everyone was wonderful to work with.  My condo turned out beautiful and I am happy to call it "home"  Thank you so much - Storybook is amazing!  Wishing you the best in your future projects"

- Sharon Asselin

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